Sage on the Stage, Guide on the Side

For 40 years, Dr. Kaye has delivered thousands of dynamic and motivational speeches at professional conferences and to corporate audiences worldwide. She addresses an array of talent management topics across industries and to audiences of all sizes.Speeches typically range in duration from 1 to 3 hours. Every speaking engagement is tailored to the audience and addresses the objectives, challenges and opportunities that are unique to each group.

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Sample Keynotes Bev Can Present for You and Your Organization!

Help Them Grow or Watch Them Go: Career Conversations Organizations Need and Employees Want

Career development is ranked among the top global drivers for engagement and retention. Great leaders know that they can't take the development of talent for granted. Employees want their managers to understand their talents, challenge them, open channels for their development and link them to resources in the organization. They want someone to be attentive to their needs for growth. How leaders pay attention to and talk with the members of their teams is critical in the perception, feeling, and reality of whether the organization is concerned and interested in an individual's growth and career success. The audience will learn tips, tools, and techniques for positioning development as a key strategy for retention and engagement.


Additional Presentations on Career Development 
for Employees

  • Mind Your Own Business: Manage Your Career
  • Demystifying the Career Conversation:
    Five Critical Steps
  • Self Power Your Career: Own Your Development

Additional Presentations on Career Coaching
for Managers

  • How To’s of Career Coaching:  Supporting the Development Process
  • The Development Imperative: Strategies for Career Conversations
  • The Power of the Individual Development Plan: Igniting the Dialogue

Love 'Em or Lose 'Em:
Getting Good People to Stay

Today's leaders need coaching that enables them to help their key employees thrive, constantly learn and give their "all" to the team and organization. Talent-minded managers know that if their organization is to be productive and competitive, they must not only "hang-on" to good people but also continually engage and develop them in order to meet constantly changing business needs. Faced with increased competitive pressures, many organizations are needing to do more with less, making the discretionary effort of employees willing to "go the extra mile" for the organization all the more important. The big question for most leaders is how to do this in a "no-time-to-do-it" environment. Love 'Em or Lose 'Em will provide practical, low cost, or no cost ways to engage and retain the intellectual capital in which your organization has already invested.


Additional Presentations on Engagement & Retention

  • Attention on Retention: Strategies for Leaders
  • Engaging the Talent on Your Team: Everyday How To’s
  • Strategies for Engaging and Retaining a World-Class Workforce
  • The Leader’s Role in Engagement and Retention
  • Building and Sustaining an Engaged Culture

Hello Stay Interviews, Goodbye Talent Loss: A Manager's Playbook

Managers should routinely ask their best employees this simple question: "What will keep you here?" Unfortunately, most managers don't ask until they conduct employee exit interviews. By then, the question comes too late.  A Stay Interview is a one-on-one conversation with employees about what they care about most on the job, and how you can adjust or coordinate their circumstances to make them happier. Stay interviews can be used with talent at any level. When you deploy stay interviews correctly, they engage staff members and increase their productivity. Managers will learn the signs and situations that cause individuals to consider looking elsewhere for employment. They will also learn a specific approach to mining a conversation for no cost and low cost information that managers can apply to retain the critical talent on their teams.


Additional Presentations on The Stay Interview

  • Beyond Pay: Why Do They Stay?
  • Once You Find ‘Em, Can You Keep ‘Em?
  • The Power of Stay Interviews: Tools for Managers Everywhere
  • Stay Interviews Prevent Exit Interviews
  • The Art & Science of the Stay Interview: Tips for Busy Managers

Up is Not the Only Way:
Rethinking Career Mobility

Multiple surveys have revealed that employees want to know where and how they fit in the organization - not just in today's organization but also in the organization as it moves forward. The exploration of multiple ways to grow and develop will broaden the landscape of possibilities for employees who may fee trapped, plateaued or dissatisfied by what they view today as limited options. Up is Not the Only Way will offer multiple ways and experiences for managers to share with employees who are ready, willing and able to dive into development thus making that step more meaningful. Managers and aspiring managers who are ready and able to focus on talent development will emerge as guardians of the current and emerging talent pool and creators of the organization's future talent engine.


Additional Presentations on Career Mobility

  • Developing a Mobility Mindset
  • Six Paths to Growth
  • Stuck on Up?  There are Options
  • Career Movement:  Choices and Challenges
  • Strategies for Growing Careers

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