Career development consistently ranks as a top driver in employee engagement, not only impacting retention but also fueling an organization with innovative, productive, and impassioned employees. The CareerPower® suite teaches employees to self-power their careers and teaches managers to act as a sounding board and career coach to drive the learning and growth of the individuals on their team. These solutions, offered in a variety of delivery methods, are highly interactive and provide assessments, tools, and activities to have managers and employees return to the job with actionable plans, the skill, and the confidence to hold meaningful development conversations.



 Engaging people and impacting business results requires managers to have a unique set of skills to effectively influence employee commitment. The learning solutions that support Love ’Em or Lose ’Em: Getting Good People to Stay provide today’s leaders with the experience, knowledge, communication, and confidence to drive engagement worldwide. Though managers play a crucial role, employees can also take charge of their own satisfaction. Love It, Don’t Leave It empowers individuals to create the conditions they need to improve job satisfaction without having to leave. As managers utilize the “Stay Interviews” and employees become comfortable in their roles, engagement truly becomes a two-way street, and business results are maximized.



Our consultant team understands the importance of providing a strategic perspective to maximize business results for all of our solutions. We work to focus on an organization’s culture, resource requirements, human resource structures, long-range goals, and business plans. The more our learning solutions are embedded in the larger system, the more impactful they can be.