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Seasons Greetings – From Bev Kaye

Long before The Great Resignation reared its ugly head, good managers knew that career development is the single most powerful tool they have for driving retention, engagement, productivity, and results. Nevertheless, it was frequently back-burnered. But if there’s one thing the desertions of the last year have taught us, it’s that it might be time to turn up the heat!

If you’re one of the thousands of managers who have been “watching them go” because helping them grow is just too hard, think again because help is available!

The bestselling, Help Them Grow or Watch Them Go, has been addressing these problems. And the 2nd edition (2019) offers pandemic-updated strategies managers can use to “find the time” for employee development, as well as best practices and skill-building tips on how to do it. I challenge you to just find a few questions to ask all your employees! (Use page 40 & 41 for starters!)

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The sale lasts between December 13 and December 20, so act fast! The sale not only applies to my book, but to any book they publish.

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