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A Holiday Gift That Will Keep on Giving 

Let’s be honest, we’re all aware of “The Great Resignation.”

At this point, it’s old news. In fact, it wasn’t even “new news” the first time we heard about it. Employees have been leaving their jobs, their managers, or their companies for decades. But, while The Great Resignation is old news, fortunately, so are the solutions to it. In fact, I wrote five books on how to slow it down – all before the phenomenon became what it is today.

So, when my publisher, Berrett-Koehler, notified me that they are running a weeklong website sale on all print books, e-books and audio books, my reaction was, “Perfect timing!” The Great Resignation is in full swing, my books focus on the most prevalent reasons for that phenomenon, the gift-giving season is here, and all my books are on sale!

So, if you have any dog-eared (as I hope they are) copies of my books on your shelf or if you’d like to add to your collection or give an employee or colleague a gift that will keep on giving, I hope you’ll look over the BK discount offer below.

Sale dates: Monday 12/13 – Monday 12/20 (sale ends @ 12:00am PST 12/21/21) 

The sale lasts between December 13 and December 20, so act fast! The sale not only applies to my book, but to any book they publish.

If you buy directly from Berrett-Koehler Publishers you’ll be supporting an independent business, and if you buy digital, you’ll save some trees!

The sale includes free shipping within the US for those who prefer print. If you have friends who love personal improvement, improving their leadership skills, or being a voice for change, chances are you can find a good gift for them in this sale. Any friend’s names come to mind?

Shop for them here: https://bit.ly/BKBookstore

Happy Holidays, and I hope you have a fantastic week!